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Scientific Software Engineer.
Public Speaker.
STEM Advocate.

Welcome! I am a scientific software engineer that develops software tools for physicists, performs quantum chemistry simulations on novel materials, and serves as a public speaker to encourage Black and brown women and girls to consider careers in STEM. Sign up to learn more about me and keep up with my latest software projects!

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The Full Story

I am a scientific software engineer, physics undergraduate, and public speaker.  After earning a BA in dance, I transitioned my career to the fantastic world of science where I've done everything from wading in NYC's Jamaica Bay conducting water quality tests to working as an Associate Research Analyst for the Center for Computational Quantum Physics at the Simons Foundation.  I train in Olympic weightlifting, nerd out over the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and will be starting a science lifestyle podcast soon. Click below to view my latest coding projects!

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"Fate whispers to the warrior 

'You cannot withstand the storm'

And the warrior whispers back

'I am the storm' "

Author Unknown

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