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Brooklyn College Congratulates APS March Meeting 2024 Top Presenter Prize  
She Codes in Color

April 12, 2024

On the Thrive in Tech panel, I shared the stage with Estela Bobadilla-Cruz, Marilyn Rodriguez, and Anaïs Lawson, at the She Codes in Color Summit where we shared our journey into tech, our lessons learned, and most importantly, how to thrive. For those in doubt, never underestimate power of your personal stories. They have the ability to connect, inspire, and impact the next generation of tech and STEM professionals.

Physics STEMEd for Girls STEM Exploration

July 6, 2022 2 pm

Served as a panelist for the Physics STEMEd for Girls Exploration hosted by the American Association for University of Women where I shared how I thrive as a Black woman in STEM, why I love physics, and shared career and education advice to an audience of over 30 middle and high school-aged girls.  


November 29, 2022

The National Society of Black Physicists (NSBPInnovate Seminar Series is a forum for NSBP members to share their research ideas and projects in a non-specialist way with a wide audience. In my 30-minute talk, I share my research on super atomic crystals, how computational methods are used to discover their properties, and how these properties could improve certain technologies.


Simons NSBP Scholars Present Summer 2022 Scientific Research

My presentation on my work as a 2021 Simons Foundation NSBP Scholar developing scientific software and as an Associate Research Analyst using computational quantum chemistry methods to study super atomic crystals.


Invited Panelist

Invited panelist for the SF Presents event where I was in conversation with Steve Crabtree, executive producer of BBC Horizon, and Molly Webster, Senior Correspondent of Radiolab to discuss the blurred lines between science and sci-fi. 

SF Presents.webp


Listen below to learn more about my ASE-PySCF open-source project, my previous life as a dancer, and other thoughts on quantum chemistry, quantum computing, and preparing for the next stage in my career.


Interested in inviting me as a motivational STEM speaker for your K-university students? Reach out today so we can connect!

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